Flawless Woodworking Joints with the Melbourne Tool Company's Large Router Plane

Flawless Woodworking Joints with the Melbourne Tool Company's Large Router Plane

Posted by Vic Tesolin on 31st May 2024

If you’re into woodworking, you know how crucial it is to get those joints just right. But let’s be honest, machine marks from tools like table saws and routers can be a real headache. They mess up the smooth, seamless joints we all aim for. Thankfully, the MTC large router plane is here to save the day.

The Machine Mark Dilemma

Using machinery in woodworking often leaves us with annoying machine marks—those ridges or grooves that can ruin the look of our joints. These marks can turn a beautiful piece into something less than perfect. Enter the large router plane, the hero of our story. This tool excels at cleaning up machine marks that are part of the milling process. It smooths out those pesky ridges, giving you a nice, flat surface to work with.

Setting Up the Router Plane

First things first, you need to set the blade to the right height. The trick is to set it just at the height of the machine marks or a tad below. This way, you remove the ridges without taking off too much wood. Too deep, and you could gouge the wood; too shallow, and the marks stay put.

Putting the Router Plane to Work

With the blade set, it’s go time! The process involves running the router plane over the wood’s surface, carefully shaving off the machine marks and leaving a smooth finish. The sole of the plane references the surface, and the blade cuts the joinery surfaces, leaving a smooth, flat channel ready to be glued up. Impressive, right?

Perfect for Smaller Joinery Projects

If you’re working on smaller joinery projects, this tool is a game-changer. It’s precise and easy to use, making it perfect for routing in detailed work mainly because you can swap out the blade quickly and easily for different sizes to accommodate the work you're doing.

Why This Tool Rocks

The Melbourne Tool Company's Large Router Plane is praised for its clever design. It’s simple, effective, and user-friendly, even for those new to woodworking. The key feature is the straight blade that replaced the old L-shaped blade of old. Now, you don't have the fuss of trying to sharpen an odd-shaped blade. You can simply treat it like you would a chisel.

In a nutshell, the Melbourne Tool Company's Large Router Plane is a must-have for any serious woodworker. It removes annoying machine marks and leaves you with smooth, professional-quality joints. Whether you’re working on big projects or intricate joinery, this tool delivers precision and ease of use. It's clever design and practical functionality will make your projects look clean, neat, and professional. Say goodbye to machine marks and hello to flawless joints.

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