The Melbourne Tool Company brand is wholly owned by Timbecon Pty Ltd, an Australian company (Australian Company Number 601 953 682).

Timbecon Pty Ltd conducts business under all necessary US federal and state laws and regulations.

Products are warehoused and shipped from its fulfillment partner in Ontario, Canada with all customer service being handled by Melbourne Tool representatives in Ontario.

Credit Card Payments

The Melbourne Tool website uses industry-leading 256-bit credit card encryption technology and processes all credit card payments using the Braintree gateway processing system. This means that your account is debited at the time of placing the order for the full order value as seen in the checkout.

If a refund needs to be performed by Melbourne Tool for an online order, this will be processed directly through Braintree's online portal. At no time does Melbourne Tool receive the full credit card details for your online purchases.

All transactions on Melbourne Tool Company website will list Timbecon as the vendor on your credit card statement.


If you are paying by PayPal then the payment is governed by PayPal's terms and conditions of buying online. PayPal offer leading consumer protection for payments. We receive immediate notification of a successful PayPal payment being made as soon as it is completed by you with PayPal so we will dispatch your order as soon as we are able after the order has come through to us.

All transactions on Melbourne Tool Company website will list Timbecon as the vendor on your PayPal activity statement.


All online prices are shown in USD and are correct at the time of ordering. All prices shown exclude state sales taxes. 

At this stage the Melbourne Tool website and Timbecon company do not meet the economic nexus to charge state sales tax in any US state. Once this threshold has been passed, applicable state sales tax will be shown and charged during the checkout process.


The website will show if any item is in stock and available to be ordered. 

If a mistake is made and we are out of stock of any item, we will contact you prior to shipping to advise of the issue and you can make a decision to either accept a backorder or to cancel part or all of your order and receive a refund.

If you cancel the missing item, we will calculate the difference between the goods in stock and the freight charged and if any refund for freight is necessary, we will process this at the same time as the refund for the goods.

We will continue to provide you with regular updates on the status of your backorder arrival every fortnight if nothing has changed or more regularly as required. You can choose to cancel your backorder any time before we ship it to you.


Generally all items advertised on the website are in stock unless otherwise marked. If any items are out of stock, this will shown on the website and will be unavailable to order. 

If an item is available for pre-order it will be marked with the expected ship date. Placement of the order means acceptance of the leadtime until the goods are ready to ship.

You can cancel any item ordered as a pre-order as long as it has not shipped and a full refund will be provided. 


All weights shown in any advertising by Melbourne Tool may not be the true product weights but are a value shown to calculate freight costs. In some cases products can occupy a large volume relative to weight and therefore the true product weight may be overstated. If you wish to know the actual weight to any item, please contact us.


Measurements and specifications are supplied as an approximate guide. We take all care to ensure that information is accurate and if it is found that we have made a material mistake that stops you from being able to use it as advertised, we will pay the return freight and offer a full refund for the goods and freight cost to ship that item to you.

All items shown in pictures or illustrations with the main product are deemed to be accessories or props and are not included in the sale price of the main item unless expressly stated.


You must satisfy yourself that the suitability of the product for its intended use prior to purchasing any product. While Melbourne Tool can offer advice and show how a product is used, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the product is used correctly.

Melbourne Tool cannot be held liable for any damage or loss to any persons and/or property from the lack of training necessary to use any product. It is up to the user to ensure that they are capable and have the necessary skill to use any products sold by Melbourne Tool.


Woodworking tools are potentially dangerous. The user of the products should take every precaution while using the products to avoid personal injury and/or property damage. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of personal protective equipment and inhaling dust particles. Items are used at your own risk.

Government Taxes

All prices on this website exclude all Canadian federal, provincial and harmonised taxes. These will be shown during the checkout process and the total amount will be shown prior to placing the order and being charged to you. 

Zero Tolerance of Aggression and Threats

Melbourne Tool works to provide and safe and respectful place of work for our employees and store for our customers. 

Any behaviour verbal or physical, which causes staff or customers to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened, is totally unacceptable.

The Zero Tolerance policy includes aggression or threats made in person, over the telephone, online or in written communication. Melbourne Tool considers threatening behaviour to be:

Attempted or actual aggressive threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff or other customer.

The use of aggressive, threatening or abusive language, (including raising of the voice, swearing and cursing, shouting) which threatens or intimidates staff or other customers.

Any instance or threat of physical abuse will be reported to the police. The customer will be removed from our system and banned from future dealings. Online violations of this policy will also see the customer being blocked and banned from all Melbourne Tool social media.